used software/ programs
for what icon name purpose
filetransfer ftp uploader FTP-Uploader transferring program from home computer to the provider server
Editor from U. Meybohm HTML Editor HTML Editor editor and testing software for my work, includes ftp-uploader
code tester HTML-Kit HTML-Kit you can find out mistakes in spelling and construction of your pages, also testing standarts
Icon extracter ICON Klauer IconRipper easy way to extract icons from other files (exe) and so on
local PS/2E Server local Server IBM PS/2E is not always online, runs with Windows 95 PWS
local ECoS Server ECoS ESU ECoS is not always online needs java and tight vnc viewer
Skype SKYPE SKYPE you need to have SKYPE
compress pictures Grafik-Programm WebGraphics Optimizer Professional 4.2  was and is a good tool, it's from Markt+Technik, this was the only software i spend money for